Welcome Reps to the Beauty Boss Life with Avon Mommy Warrior

Here are a few tips from AVON on how to keep sharing the news on AVON and obtaining your own recruits.  Remember, when you love what you do and you are passionate about it, that passion and joy will rub off on others.

Build Strong with These Recruiting Tips

Share your love for Avon and open doors with the Avon opportunity for real income and success. Keep recruiting to win tickets and prizes! 

Set a goal and be intentional! Use the Avon 5 x 5 system: Talk to 5 people 5 days a week, make a connection with 25 people a week! Expand your contacts and post on social media.

Share your passion for Avon with everyone Just like you share your recommendations for a restaurant or movie you love!

Listen, learn and be relatable What is your recruit looking for? Let her know how you and Avon can help her get where she wants to be.

Connect and encourage Be their cheerleader — let them know they can do it too!

Partnership and follow up Build the partnership and help them join your team through your online store or SellAvon.com, or take their information and follow up.

If you are not yet an AVON Rep and would like to be, please go online to: STARTAVON.COM and use reference code = MommyWarrior to get started.

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