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Well, if you are here on this page it means you are probably curious about starting a work from home opportunity!  You are in luck because I am here to help you get started being your own boss! You can start your OWN business for as low as a one-time fee of $25

All you have to do is go onto this sign up page and enter your info, which takes literally about 5 minutes and use reference code = MOMMYWARRIOR.

Let me explain a little what you will be getting when you sign up!  You will become part of an empowering group of women, who are independent representatives of AVON.  Yes, AVON, remember them?  You probably remember hearing about this company from your mom or grandmother back in the day.  Guess what, they are still around. Actually over 130 years!  Not many companies can boast such longevity.  AVON is a leading global beauty company that brings cutting-edge beauty and fashion to lives of woman all over the world.

 Avon provides you with the perfect shade of lipstick or that beautiful new eyeliner, jewelry, home and fashion items and products that range from sparkling earrings to designer jeans to scented candles.  Most recently, AVON launched their health and wellness line, ESPIRA, which is another added bonus to an amazing company.  AVON prides itself in empowering women and offering a community of support to help women succeed in business.

Their motto, which is one of my favorite affirmations is: "Believe in Your Success,"  So, why wait,  start today and believe in YOUR success and your ability to earn extra income, work from anywhere, bring amazing products to your customers and empower others along the way! 

Remember your future is an investment worth making!