Ready to be Your Own Boss?

Are you ready to start making extra income while you stay at home with your kids? Maybe you have college-aged kids, who would like to make extra money while they are in school? Maybe you already have a job and just need extra cash?  Maybe you have been applying for jobs on social media platforms and work-related sites with no luck? Are you looking to make extra money? Would you like to be able to work from home or anywhere you wish on your laptop? 

If you would love to have more time to spend with your family and loved ones, and earn an income while doing it, then you have reached the right opportunity? Maybe it's time to be your own boss! You Can Create the Life You Want! Now is the perfect time to get started on your own business and future. It is never too late to start a new path. If you love meeting new people, making a difference in people's lives, enjoy sales and marketing and you are computer savvy, this is the opportunity for YOU!*

Remember, AVON from back in the day? Maybe you remember your grandmother or mother selling or buying from Avon. Well, guess what? Avon is still around and better than ever!

Avon has been around for 130 years and is known for empowering women and for their amazing product line. They are not just about beauty products and skin care anymore. They launched a new health and wellness line, in January 2018, called ESPIRA and it has added to the value of products that Avon carries.
We are focused on the launch of this great line and need sales and marketing reps, who are willing to work hard and play harder. We are not just about sales and marketing, we are about empowering each other and helping others, like you, succeed in their own business.
I am looking for 5 strong-willed, hard-working ladies to join my team of Avon Warriors U.S.A. and enjoy the "beauty boss life"  You can choose this opportunity full-time or part-time, in-person sales or online sales. It is entirely up to you.


-40% Earnings on everything you sell in your first order
-More than $1,000 in 90 days wit the KickStart program (we will show you how.) (reference code: MOMMYWARRIOR)
-50% Earnings on beauty and jewelry when you become a top-
-Even bigger earnings when you mentor a team
-Fabulous rewards ans luxurious trips (conferences)
-Complimentary training and mentoring and your own online store
-A vibrant community that loves to have fun while earning.
-KickStart package comes with full-size products, catalogs,  
 brochures and business tools

*There is no fee ever for your online store, no monthly fees to be a rep. and no sales quotas. No catch. No gimmicks. There is no pressure to join, only a wonderful opportunity. 
Do your research, learn all you can and make sure this is for you. We are looking for ladies who will be passionate and committed to their work as they embark on this journey.

If you are ready to be the boss of your domain, to set your own hours and earn extra income, you have reached the right place.

To learn more about this opportunity, you can visit:

http://www.avonmommywarrior.com/ and
or you can always email me directly with any questions at: AvonMommyWarrior@gmail.com



compensation: Commission-based
employment type: full-time/part-time

reference code: MommyWarrior