Introducing....HERBIE the HEDGEHOG,  a soft and cuddly stuffed animal from AVON that is perfect for all ages. He is an ultra-soft, polyester plush, 13" H.

Herbie makes a great gift for anyone. He is super soft, and brings lots of smiles and comfort to young kids.

Herbie is available via Avon Mommy Warrior as a fundraising tool.  He cannot be purchased from a catalog or in stores, only as a fundraiser.

Herbie the Hedgehog is not only a great tool as a fundraiser but anyone would love to have this cuddly stuffed animal.  He is available for $20.

Setting up a fundraiser with AVON is one of the easiest and fastest ways to raise money. All you have to do is let me know what the name of your organization is that you want to raise money for. We fill out some paperwork, then we get you Herbie flyers that are already made by AVON and then get pre-orders.  You will have your hedgehogs and your proceeds in a just a couple of weeks. It's that simple.

My goal is to sell Herbie the Hedgehog to raise funds selling it via Avon and donate a portion of the proceeds for my daughter's TV class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for the student television network competition to be held in 2019, so I have plenty of time to raise funds.

So far, with the fundraiser I am doing for and with my daughter's TV class, we have received various donations and most of the people who have purchased Herbie the Hedgehog have donated it back because we are collecting all the Herbies and are going to take them to a children's shelter (ie: foster home.)  The original plan was to donate the hedgehogs to a children's hospital but due to security and health issues that most hospitals worry about, it will be easier to donate them to a foster home.

If you need any help with fundraising ideas, I will be happy to give you some tips. Also, if you would like to personally purchase one of these adorable Herbie the Hedgehogs, please go ahead and send me an email and I will send you instructions on how to proceed with your purchase.

****If  YOU are interested in setting up your own Herbie fundraiser and raising money for your school, club, organization, church/temple, or charity, please feel free to reach out to me, so I can coordinate a Herbie the Hedgehog fundraiser for you as well!

I can be reached via email at: LissetteRo@gmail.com or on Facebook at Avon Mommy Warrior.

Lissette Rozenblat
AVON Fundraising Specialist